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Our “owners” when adopting any cat all have the desire that she urinates in the right place, but some kittens do the opposite, making you mad when your cats pee badly. In fact, you don’t have to mean anything bad or naughty. There are good reasons for this strange behavior of cats. You should check to see if your cat is suffering from these conditions. 

1. Health problem

Anytime your cat is acting unusually, you should take him to the vet right away. There are many reasons that lead to cats not daring to use the litter box, or unable to control their ability to urinate, and one of them is pathology.

Common diseases that make it difficult for cats to urinate are: Urinary tract infections, diabetes, arthritis…

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At this time, do not rush to scold or punish him, but find a solution to treat them first! If you are not sure how to solve their health’s problem, take them to the vet to investigate more.

Bring cats to the vet to investigate more reason why your cats pee badly

2. Cats always have a safety-seeking mentality

Have you ever wondered what do beds, sofas, chairs… have in common? Quite simply, with cats, they all have a surface higher than the floor and can provide good visibility – the perfect height for cats to identify and avoid potential threats.

Cats’ instincts are survival and survival, so sometimes they urinate in these places because they feel safer than the toilet or sandbox you prepare, just because these items are placed in the right place. lower mind.

3. The fault lies in… the toilet box

Chances are, the toilet box will be the source of all problems. Cats need choices. If they feel that this box is not going to the toilet, they will immediately look for a new place. If you have 3-4 cats in your home, you should prepare 3-4 separate litter boxes for each cat and keep them apart.

In addition, the toilet box is too small or does not change the sand regularly, cleaning it is also easy to make the cat “say goodbye” and “treat” on your beloved blanket. Cats have such a haughty habit.

Sometimes, you did not train the cat to go to the toilet box properly. So, they are not familiar with the habit of peeing in that box. Thus, the owner has to train your cat to go toilet in the correct box at the time you bring them home. You can use some training kit to let them be familiar with this habit.

Sometimes, the toilet box is the reason causing your cats pee badly

4. Your cats pee badly – Expression of anxiety in cats

Cats are not a solitary creature, they can basically live in harmony with people and other animals, so cats are also prone to becoming anxious when they are away from their owners for long periods of time. And their “peeing” is often because they smell your “human scent”.

5. Due to conflicts with other pets in the house

Many times, the bad relationship between the yellow-haired cat and the calico cat at your house also leads to one of them “going out” in the wrong place. Most of these disputes are about a fight over territory or food, or between a “new cat” and an “old cat”.

In particular, when you have a dog in your home, the cats will also feel stressed, threatened, and especially when they are chased by dogs often, they will also easily urinate in places. maybe. 

The conflict between cat and dog can make your cats pee badly
The conflict between cat and dog can make your cats pee badly

Although it’s extremely annoying when cats “pee bad” to us, once you’ve identified some of the reasons for this behavior, you can come up with some solutions to improve, instead of yelling or yelling or punish your cat.

In order to raise a cat perfectly, you should learn to understand your lovely pet and then train them with the good habits. You can imagine that 2 strange people meet at the first time, without the understanding about each person, how can you contact and have a good and long term relationship?

Bringing a cat to home, the owner needs to learn about their characteristics. If you want them to follow your instruction or obey your rules, you must teach them at the beginning.

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