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Choosing a pet food that is both healthy and suitable for your wallet is a difficult task for those who are just starting to raise dogs. You want the best for your dog but have so many food options that you wonder which is the best?.

What are the common types of pet food available?

Pet food is increasingly being processed to suit the needs of each breed. Therefore, you can easily find ready-to-eat foods in the market for your pet. There are three main types of pet food on the market: dry food, wet and dry food, and canned food.

  • Dried food It is the cheapest food of all types. Dry food is very convenient for dogs with strong teeth.
  • Food is both wet and dry For dogs with uncertain teeth, wet and dry food is the preferred choice. However, dogs do not like them very much because eating causes discomfort.
  • Canned food This is a more expensive form of food than the two above and is the most chosen by pet owners. For adult pets, this food will be very suitable.

6 Things to keep in mind when choosing to buy pet food

Choosing pet food if you don’t know how, they will anorexic, affecting health and development. If you want your pet to always be cool and shiny, you need to know the 6 principles when choosing food below:

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1. Choose food based on age, breed and reproductive statusCon Chó Trên Giường Thú Cưng

Each dog species has its own characteristics such as physical condition, behavior and general health. Small dog breeds their food needs higher levels of protein, fat and minerals. The amount of puppy food in one meal is more than that of an adult breed (per body weight), but requires a larger number of calories.

Puppies or nursing mothers need more calories per day than adult dogs.

You should choose foods that help your dog feel comfortable and safe to use.

2. Understand the “keywords” on food packaging

On the packaging of industrial food is always written information about the protein content of the product itself. For example, the name of a food: “Beef for dog with cheese”, the amount of protein in the food accounts for about 70% and the amount of cheese accounts for about 3%. Or if the name of the food only says “beef flavor” or “pork flavor,” then the content of these ingredients in the food is just enough for the dog to recognize the taste.

3. Ensure nutrition

The essential nutrients for dogs in food include: water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and inorganic salts. You should learn more about scientific dog nutrition before choosing to buy pet food for your dog to develop best.

4. Cereal composition is extremely important

Grains and seeds are an integral part of dog food products. Some signs to recognize when dogs have allergies such as frequent: licking paws, scratching paws, vomiting or diarrhea. You must determine the right ingredients in the food that cause your dog’s allergies to avoid and choose the right dog food.

5. Read the ingredients on food packaging

Check the ingredients on the package to determine the amount of protein, fat and fiber in the food. You can find the recommended amount for your pet based on their weight on each package. It is advisable to check that the feed meets the AAFCO standards of the American Livestock Association. You need to understand the condition and nutritional needs of your dog to choose the right food.

6. Learn more about reputable brands

Learn about the producer to ensure quality control and proper feed sourcing. You can search for store information on the brand’s official website, reputable reviews of dog food on reputable pages. Or refer to the experience of longtime pet owners.

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