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Pet ownership is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people. Having a dog or a cat playing around after a long day of work will help dispel fatigue and add more positive energy. However, some of you who take care of a pet for the first time will inevitably be surprised and encounter many difficulties. Let explore more pet care guide for beginners!

Before bringing any pet home, you should learn about the breed characteristics, main food sources, behavioral characteristics and how to care for them. Depending on the characteristics of the species, you need to prepare additional necessary tools in the rearing process such as cages, toilets, play areas, beds.

1. Some popular pet breeds, easy to keep

When it comes to pet care in the home, dogs and cats are the two most popular. The reason is, these are two species that are easy to train, close to humans and relatively clean. Some popular and popular dog and cat breeds are:

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  • Poodle: This is a lovely looking dog, distinguished by its soft fluffy coat that looks like a teddy bear.
  • Pug: Contrary to aggressive appearance. Pug dogs often have a gentle temperament and are attached to their owners.
  • Corgi Dog: This is an intelligent, docile and loyal dog that can easily adapt to both urban and rural environments. 
  • Fold-eared cat: This cat breed from Scotland is fond of being petted and has a lovely appearance with accents of folded ears.
  • British Shorthair Cat: This is a pet with a gentle, quiet temperament and likes to play alone and is a very obedient cat.

2. Get all the necessary vaccines is the most important pet care guide for beginners

Vaccinations are a very important step when you start getting pet care. Because some diseases in pets are highly contagious and difficult to treat. You need to be fully vaccinated against infectious diseases immediately after adopting a dog and cat and maintain regular vaccinations to keep them healthy.

The pet should be vaccinated is the top pet care guides for beginners
The pet should be vaccinated is the top pet care guides for beginners

3. Always give your pet full exercise

This is an important factor, because there is a case of fear of losing pets, so owners keep them locked in cages, leading to bad effects on psychology and health. Just like the human body, pets also need energy metabolism to grow and develop comprehensively. Therefore, when taking care of pets, do not forget to create conditions for exercise to make them healthier!

4. Build a reasonable diet for pets

A reasonable diet means that it provides all the necessary nutritional needs at all times, not too much, not too little. To do that, you need:

  • Feed options and diets are different for each breed of animal.
  • Chihuahua dogs will have a different diet and diet than Husky dogs. Depending on the stage of development, we have different diets such as. Food for dogs and cats is always clearly classified by age and weight.
  • Ensure nutrition in each meal. Regularly change the type of food to avoid boring pets.
  • Provide adequate clean water regularly.
  • Feed animals at specific times. Usually there will be two sessions a day: morning – afternoon.
  • When caring for small (newborn) pets, you should consult with your veterinarian to use the right milk and food.

5. Prepare suitable living space

All breeds of pets love living spaces that are clean, well-ventilated and have plenty of space for them to move freely. Therefore, farmers should regularly open windows to let the house ventilate, receive sunlight and natural wind. In particular, when taking care of pets with thick fur, you should regularly create conditions for them to expose to bright sunlight to limit lice and fungi from arising.

6. Train your pet to go to the toilet in the right place

Dogs, cats or any other domestic animal also needs to go to the toilet regularly. Therefore, to take care of your pet clean in the house, you need to learn how to train your pet to go to the toilet in the right place. Currently, there are many tools to support the toilet in the right place for dogs and cats, extremely convenient and clean.

For dog, there is a course of training your beloved pet to potty in the right place within 7 days. You can try it.

7. Build a strong relationship with your pet

Dogs and cats will love you for life if you always treat them well. Spend time with them, get to know them, pet them and encourage them often to create a bond between the two of you. Limit all acts of beating and abusing hard animals because it has almost no effect, on the contrary, it can also make them panic and stress.

Pet care is not difficult nor does it require a lot of material conditions, but it needs the deep care and love of the owner. Hopefully, the above article can help you no longer be surprised when adopting a pet for the first time.

Or you can choose some courses with detailed training guide for beginners. There will be some tips or simple guideline depending on the character of your pet. You can easily find those courses on the internet. Here is an example from Amazon. The kids can do that, so do you.

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