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When you have a pet, specifically a dog or a cat, you also want to take care of them and make them as healthy, beautiful and cute as possible. But if you keep spending money for your baby to go to the spa, it seems expensive and not very feasible. That’s why you should refer to the content of this article to know how to take care of pets in the house with 3 basic techniques!

Benefits of beautifying at home

1. Dogs and cats when being beautified at home will feel more connected to their owners

Any relationship is made of interaction and understanding. Even with animals and humans. It is the moments of petting, talking and interacting with pets, taking care of dogs and cats that will help them feel more secure, more confident in your care and love.

2. Save money on pet spa

The cost of each visit to a small pet salon can range from one to two hundred thousand to several million. This is probably “not much” compared to families who can afford it or send their baby to the spa not much (several times a year).

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But on the contrary, if you keep pets with a lot of hair like Husky or Poodle, letting your baby go to the spa is mandatory and even regular, if the family does not know how to beautify and care for the baby.

3. Reduce stress and soothe the spiritual life of owners

Taking care of pets in the house not only helps them relax, but even you yourself is comforted and reduces stress a lot. Especially for those of you who are single and introverted, having a pet in the house and talking when bored will be very comforting.Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về bắn đầy đủ, canidae, cát

And if you don’t know, science proves that keeping a pet in the family will help treat psychological diseases better, directing people to a more responsible and positive lifestyle!

Three basic techniques for pet care at home

1. Grooming techniques

Grooming helps to give dogs and cats a new and more enjoyable appearance. To perform pet grooming, start with choosing the right brush for their coat characteristics. If you choose a brush that is too hard, it will cause pain, damage to the skin or too soft will not stimulate the skin and will not be hard enough to brush as desired.

First, you use scissors to cut the hair on the bottom of the feet to be neat, then brush down the direction of the hair starting from the head to the neck, down to the body and lower abdomen, and finally the tail. If necessary, you can use a comb of the comb to straighten the hair first, then use a special brush to gently brush and remove dead hair.

2. Nail cutting technique

A neatly trimmed nail layer will protect the animal from bacteria in the nail, limiting the pet’s self-injury as well as accidentally scratching the owner.

Before cutting your nails, you also need to prepare specialized nail clippers. These tools are designed specifically for pet grooming and nail trimming. It has a safety block on the back, helping you to cut nails at a moderate level, not too short or dangerous for your pet.

You should play with your pet for a while, then let them be quiet and gently stroke them so that they lie down, holding one paw. Use your thumb and index finger to probe and examine carefully before trimming the animal’s nails. If the nail is dark, look at the hollow below the nail to determine the nail length. Gently trim each nail in turn, interacting often with your pet to keep them safe until the end.

3. Dental care techniques

According to veterinarians, up to 80% of pets in the world have dental disease. Therefore, families should practice oral hygiene for pets when they are young and maintain regularly 2-3 times a week is the way to both care and beautify the pet you should know. It is advisable to choose a specialized pet cream available at stores that specialize in dog and cat supplies, do not use human cream for animals because the foam can make them uncomfortable, as well as pets… no know how to spit the cream out.

After putting toothpaste on a specialized pet brush, gently spread your lips to reveal the teeth to be brushed, insert the brush and start brushing in a circle until all the nooks and crannies are covered. of cleaned teeth. Be careful not to scratch the gums and cause bleeding.

A few small notes when taking care of dogs and cats at home

  • Always interact and chat with pets in the process of taking care of and beautifying them
  • For some sensitive dog and cat breeds, you need to be cautious and observe their expressions and attitudes before, during and after grooming and caring for dogs and cats at home.
  • In order to avoid the “at-home salon” process for pets from happening, the owner should learn and consult carefully with a specialist before starting to take care of the baby at home.
  • Contact your veterinarian immediately when problems arise
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