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The Belgian Malinois is also known as the Belgian Shepherd Dog and the Malinois. It is one of four breeds of Belgian Sheepdogs. The others are the Belgian Groenendael (Martien) and the Belgian Laekenois. This dog is a heavy sheaf-loomed dog with a lengthy, slightly wavy coat Is from 22 to 26 inches and weighs about 62 to 78 pounds. It is smart and obedient. It can be used in a variety of situations, and it is useful both as a herding dog and a watchdog. The temperament of this breed is one of protection and loyalty to its family and owner. They make good watchdogs.

History: The Molloser dogs come from Belgium. The!” croquettes” around the protective tips of the males and the long bushy eyebrows of the females are from the sound of Belgium, while the markings along the olive directions relate to the Belgian Laekenois. The Mollosa dogs were used on the border of Belgiansels (Belgian villages), and instructions were used in the 19th century by the farmers to corral their livestock. As the sheep nowhere else could be seen in the region, a shaggy coat of various colors would be used to protect the livestock from wolves and other predators. This explains the selection of these dogs by the farmers, for the simple fact, they had all the colors of sheep that could be found in Belgium.

Temperament: The Belgian Malinois is a hardy, obedient, and intelligent Belgian Sheepdog. It is a protective dog that is a loyal and reliable member of the family. It has a strong protective instinct and therefore needs to be socialized with other dogs and animals from a very early age onwards. While it can appear haughty on its own, it is usually very affectionate with its families. This dog is intelligent, obedient, and willing to make the right decision. It can therefore be trained to do most things. The Belgian Malinois is a quick, intelligent and obedient dog, with a strong protective and territorial instinct. It is protective of the family and has a well-developed protective drive. It is, however, not a dog that should be locked in a kennel. It needs to be part of a family and socialize well with other animals. It also needs fair, firm, and consistent training, which is also to be credited where it is due.

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Health Issues: Overall a very healthy breed but can be prone to hip dysplasia, it responds well to kennel cough, and it is fine with intestinal worms. The Belgian Malinois is able to swim in the sea and is grooming.

Grooming: The Belgian Malinois sheds twice a year and needs to be groomed regularly. It should be brushed twice a week with a firm bristle brush. Care needs to be taken with the hair under the paws, and the ears as these are all potential sources of skin infection.

Living Conditions: This breed needs plenty of daily exercises and is best suited to the country with large spaces. It is a dog that loves to be with its family and tends to become bored if kept indoors for long periods. It is definitely not recommended for apartment life, although it is playful inside. The Belgian Malinois needs a large garden, and although it is an active dog, it needs to run occasionally to burn off excess energy.

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