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Cats are extremely adorable animals that are raised by many families. Cats are very close to humans and they, like other animals, are very susceptible to diseases when not cared for properly. So what are the common diseases in cats for you to avoid? Information will be discovered more specifically in the article of Cat Cu Pet Shop.


One of the most common diseases in cats is rabies. The reason pets get this disease is due to a viral infection transmitted at the bite of another infected animal. This is the cause of infection in the body, affecting the central nervous system.

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Signs of this disease are as easy as a cat with a high fever and strange actions. The cat will lose appetite, be more aggressive than usual, drool a lot, and the pupils will dilate. In the stage of severe transition, the cat will suffer from respiratory failure leading to death.

Respiratory tract infection

Respiratory infections are common in cats, so you need to pay attention to their health regularly. This disease is extremely dangerous, causing the resistance to decline rapidly. The basic symptoms are easy to recognize are red eyes, loss of appetite, red nose with watery discharge.

Feline Panleukopenia disease 

Cats if not cared for will be susceptible to Feline Panleukopenia. This disease is also known as cough fever. When sick cats will have symptoms of poor appetite, diarrhea, vomiting … Cats with the disease will cause the number of white blood cells to decrease sharply, which directly affects the immune system. If the disease is severe, it can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, if you detect symptoms of fever and cough in your cat, you need to isolate your pet immediately. Then take it to a veterinary care center for a specific treatment.

Parasitic disease

The common disease in cats that you can easily observe is parasitic disease. Because if your cat is infected, there will be many fleas and ticks on the body. These parasites will cause the cat’s skin to peel, bleed a lot… This disease, if not treated right away, will cause the cat to grow slowly, lose appetite, have diarrhea, .. If it is not treated, it can cause death. death.Chó mèo có bị muỗi đốt không? Hậu quả là gì? - - Chia sẻ các  kiến thức bổ ích về thú cảnh

It can be seen that taking care of a pet is not an easy thing. To keep your cat healthy, you need to clean and arrange a cool living area. This will minimize the common diseases in cats. You can visit Meo Cuon Pet Shop to order food, medicine, and toys to help your pet grow healthy.

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