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What is the most nutritious food for 1 month cat? Diet for kittens how to grow healthy cats and prevent diseases best? Raising kittens is never easy, especially when the mother cat loses milk or does not have enough milk to breastfeed if you do not have enough love for them. So, for 1-month-old kittens, what are the best foods for kittens?

Diet with suitable food for 1 month cat

For 1-month-old kittens, they also need to be provided with all the necessary nutrients such as protein (protein), fat, vitamins and minerals, calcium, and fiber for healthy development. However, how to choose cat food to suit their digestive system, stomach and immature body is important.

To calculate the exact diet for a 1-month-old cat, you can base it on their weight. Specifically: each 1kg of cat’s weight will need to be provided with 40-50g of food with the ratio to be applied: 20% rice, 50% animal meat and 20% green vegetables.

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Food for 1 month cat is important to their health
Food for 1 month cat is important to their health

The best 1 month old cat food

1 month old cats, their bodies are still very immature and their resistance is weak. At this stage, the mother’s milk is the main source of food for the kittens. If the mother cat has enough milk, it is best to breastfeed the kitten until it is 2 months old, but in cases where the mother cat is sick, lost or the mother cat’s milk is not enough to feed the baby, you need to give the cat more foods such as:

  • Types of kitten milk powder from brands such as: Bio Milk, Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat, Precaten, KRM, PetLac…
  • Types of porridge using minced meat: beef, chicken porridge, pork porridge, heart porridge, heart porridge, lung porridge … and add a little vegetable for easy digestion, avoiding constipation.
  • Should be given crushed rice, meat and rice in a ratio of 100-0 or 50-50.
  • It is necessary to choose foods rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals and iron so that kittens can develop the best teeth, bones and muscles.
  • In addition, you can choose to buy ready-made dry food for 1-month-old cats of some reputable cat food brands such as Me-O, Royal Canin, Whiskas or Fitmin cat kitten…
Mother's milk is the best food for 1 month cat
Mother’s milk is the best food for 1 month cat

Foods that 1 month old cat should avoid

It is extremely important to add food for kittens, if using food that is not suitable for the body and age of the cat will cause bad effects and even threaten the life of the kitten. For 1-month-old kittens, you absolutely should not feed cats such as:

  • Do not give kittens fishy foods such as fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood. Because the cat’s digestive system is still weak, if the cat eats too much fishy substance, it will cause the cat to have diarrhea leading to dehydration and endanger the kitten’s life.
  • Absolutely do not give the kittens bones until they are 6 months old.
  • 1 month old kittens should not be fed fatty meat because it can interfere with food metabolism and cause kittens to have diarrhea. Do not use cow’s milk for kittens because cow’s milk contains lactose, which has a negative effect on the cat’s stomach

Notes when feeding a 1-month-old cat

In order for your cat to grow healthy physically and with skills, you need to keep the following in mind when feeding kittens:

  • Need to divide many small meals (about 4-5 meals / day) for kittens to eat. Do not feed kittens too much and eat too much will make their digestive system negatively affected.
  • Feed the kittens at a fixed time to create a reflexive eating habit of the cat.
  • Do not use leftovers, stale, expired food for kittens to eat.
  • Clean food trays and water bowls after each meal.
  • If the kitten has symptoms of bloating, indigestion, refuses to eat, you need to take the kitten to the veterinarian for timely examination and treatment.
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