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A cat’s diet plays an important role in the health and longevity of your cat. Cats are carnivores, so there should be enough protein in your cat’s diet. Not only that, the cat’s diet also needs a balance of other nutrients such as fiber, calcium, and minerals. Depending on the age and stage of development, the lotus can apply a suitable diet for the pet cat.

Food planning for cats 0-12 months

This is considered an important stage for a pet cat, requiring a special diet. Kittens at this stage have weak digestive system that needs good food for the intestines. Newborn cats need to be breastfed or use infant formula specifically for kittens.

Owners need to use cat food that is manufactured with a formula specifically for this age. For the first 20 weeks, owners should not feed their pets raw meat because the pet’s digestive system is still not well developed. The ideal food for your cat is a soft, watery food that is easy to chew, absorb and digest.

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Food planning for cats from 1 to 7 years old

Cats in the adult stage need a balanced diet for comprehensive development. Owners need to pay attention to the eating habits of their pet cats to choose the right food. Cats are often lazy to drink water, so the owner should give the cat wet food and more water. In addition, for cats that are lazy to exercise should eat food that helps avoid weight gain and getting overweight.

The owner can use granular food, ready-made wet food for pets. Perhaps if there are plenty of time to spare, make your own cat food at home. Pet cats often do not like to eat rice because it is difficult to digest. Therefore, the owner should limit feeding the cat rice. In addition, it is possible to add functional foods to increase nutrition for cats.

Food planning for cats over 7 years old

Older cats need special nutrition. Middle-aged cats often have health problems and many diseases. Therefore, the cat’s diet needs to ensure nutritional content and help treat some diseases.


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