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Fleas are a bane to pet owners. However, fleas are pesky pests that can cause lots of problems to your dogs as they can transmit different diseases. Even without looking at the symptoms, you would know that your beloved pet is being infected with fleas. You can tell a lot by the fur that they lose; fleas themselves are small external parasites.

Fleas can a small cause your pets extreme problems. Even though they are small in size, they can cause pets to become seriously ill. For dogs that become infected by fleas, the affected dog may lose a lot of hair, and some sensitive skin may become inflamed and infected. It can be very hard to diagnose whether your dog is infected or not. To determine the degree of the infestation, infestation testing can be done. The recommended method of flea control is to give your dog a regular bath with shampoo that is insecticide free. A flea comb can be used to remove the fleas from the skin and fur. Regularly groom your pet, and you should find none of the pesky parasites.

In addition to this, the area where your dog plays should also be groomed on a regular basis. Sheds in dogs are often the cause of infestations. By grooming, you are getting rid of the source of fleas. A good diet is also very important to prevent infestations. You should make sure that your dog is being fed a nutritious diet that helps it grow and maintain a good weight.

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If your dog claims to be scratching due to fleas, then you should take him to the vet as soon as possible. The vet can determine if it is a dermatophyte or flea allergy. This can be done by examining the exposed skin (which has become infested), urine, feces, or vomit. Your veterinarian may also use allergy testing either through inhalation or ingestion of substances. If your vet tries to determine the cause of the allergy through inhalation, then your dog might have a higher chance of developing an allergy through eating something.

Flea allergy can also be treated at home. You will have to replace the shampoos used for bathing your dog and also the bedding. Besides that, a solution of colloidal oatmeal and a homeopathic remedy can be used. When you give your dog a regular dose of this, all the fleas will surely be killed off. Furthermore, the affected host will become immune to such whisperings for a specific amount of time.

Growing your own flea-ops it easy to control the fleas in all their glory. Besides being just that, you can also use different Multi-Vitamins and Herbal Supplements to ensure that your dog gets the best nutrition. This is quite important because unhealthy dogs are highly susceptible to infestations. Some dog breeds are also prone to heartworm.

Combating fleas is an ongoing battle and it may take a while before you have rid your dog of fleas completely. However, one good way to start is to make sure you perform daily grooming on your dog. Brush the fur and get rid of the knots. Clean the ears and the eyes and the mouth too. Simply put, you can help your dog get rid of fleas by ensuring that you give him a clean environment to live in every day.

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