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In order to have a healthy, well-developed dog, the care and nutrition regime for them is of special interest to the owner. If the dog eats well and develops normally, it is indeed a great joy for dog owners and caregivers. However, not all dogs are the same, each stage of a dog’s development has different problems that caregivers need to be aware of. Sometimes dog refuses to eat, which makes us feel anxious. You don’t have to think too much because sometimes we don’t even want to eat. This article will help you better understand why dogs are lazy to eat? Because the dog refuses to eat or because the way you take care of your dog is not suitable.

Why the dog refuses to eat?

There are many reasons why dogs are lazy to eat, but mainly due to the following factors:

  • If your dog refuses to eat and shows other signs, it may be due to an illness. Dogs are often exposed to many different things in their food and environment. This is also quite normal so you don’t need to worry too much.
  • When you first adopted a dog, you did not train the dog to eat on time, with the right food, so the dog gradually showed signs of being lazy and tired. In a nutshell, we skip meals and eat at the wrong time, which will cause fatigue and moodiness.
  • Unpalatable dog food is also a reason why they are lazy to eat.

First you need to know why your dog is anorexic. If a medical condition is suspected, the dog must be brought to the veterinarian for examination and treatment. If the disease is mild, you can buy medicine according to the doctor’s instructions for the dog to take.

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In contrast, dogs are lazy to eat because of psychology, you should train your dog to eat habits from time to time, foods in a fixed and scientific way so that the dog gets used to it gradually. Make a habit of focusing on eating for your dog from an early age, can feed the dog foods that the dog loves.

The dog must be fed the right meal with a limited time to eat. When the dog has finished eating, you clean up, not leave the leftovers. This helps to prevent the dog’s bad habit of like eating, don’t like it.

Take care of lazy dogs properly

From the moment you adopt a dog, do not give them snacks from the first few weeks. After your dog gets used to the new environment, you can give it a snack.

If the dog does not eat all of it, the leftovers must be thrown away. This is both hygienic and safe for the dog. Just avoid giving the dog anorexia because food is always available.

Do not let the dog eat too full, but only provide a moderate amount of food, so that every meal has just enough food. Increase or decrease the food based on your dog’s signs that your dog is eating well or weakly.

Dogs should be fed 2 to 3 meals a day, spaced as far apart as possible. This also depends on your dog’s weight, activity level and age.

Changing dog food needs to be gradual for them to adapt.

You should consult more about dog food to know what dogs like to eat. If you are feeding your dog the wrong way, please change it immediately, but if you intend to change the food for them, you need to do it slowly. This will help the dog adapt faster.

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