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Pets, just like people, get unwell at times. So if cats and dogs are sick, how should we take care of them? What can be done to make the children recover quickly? Learn how to take care of sick cats and dogs in the following article.

1. Signs of an unwell pet

Before learning how to take care of cats and dogs when they are sick, you need to know some signs to recognize that the baby’s body is not well. Although each type of cat disease will have different symptoms, you can see some common signs such as:

– Eat less/reduce appetite

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– Lazy, lack of vitality, no longer running and jumping like everyday

– Often lies still, hiding in corners

– Vomiting or diarrhea

– Blood in the toilet/blood in the stool

– Stomach distended

– Difficulty/impossible to go to the toilet

– Lots of hair loss

– Frequent scratching/licking of the body

– Mouth/ear/skin stinks

– Swollen, swollen lymph nodes

– Have a convulsion

– Difficulty getting up or walking

– Making strange noises (whispering..)

– More aggressive than before

2. How to take care of sick cats and dogs

Depending on whether the disease is severe or mild, sick cats and dogs will have different symptoms and reactions. Therefore, the way to take care of pets is not the same. However, you can still apply some of the following tips so that your children can be more comfortable and comfortable while they are sick.

1. Change the diet

When getting sick, dogs and cats are often tired, lose their taste, lead to anorexia, stop eating. If this situation only happens during the day, you should not be too worried because this is also a way for the baby’s body to eliminate toxins in the body. At this point, you just need to give your baby plenty of water to drink.

However, if the state of refusal to eat lasts a long time, you should coax them to eat so that they can recover faster. Let’s change a few dishes, heat the food so that the smell of the food stimulates the taste of the pet, feed the baby the foods he likes, mix nutritious foods together, etc. to cure the disease of dogs and cats. more effective.

2. Monitor health status

Checking and monitoring the health status of pets regularly is also a secret to help you take care of your pets when they are sick. Regularly updating your baby’s health will help you know how your baby’s situation is progressing, getting worse or not. Some factors to keep in mind include:

– Temperature

– Food situation Status of going to the toilet (frequency, stool/urine status, etc.)

– Physiological and psychological changes in the baby.

3. Pay attention to accommodation and hygiene

Like humans, dogs and cats are often very sensitive when sick. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to the accommodation of the children to make the baby feel as comfortable as possible. If the house has a large space, you should give your pet a separate room. If the house has a narrower space, you should move the baby’s nest to a quiet corner.

In addition, do not forget to tell everyone in the family, especially children, not to touch your baby or come to his nest at this time. In addition to accommodation, the hygiene of pets is also very important, especially during the period of treatment for dogs and cats. Bacteria are the main factor that makes the condition of animals more serious. Use a warm towel to wipe your dog and cat and then use the dryer on the lowest setting to dry the baby.

4. Give your pet medicine

When taking care of sick pets, depending on the type of disease, the doctor will specify whether the baby needs to take medicine or not. You should take your baby to a health check to understand the condition of the disease as well as the direction of treatment, the type of medicine to take, but you should not decide to give your baby medicine.

Currently, the two main forms of medicine for sick cats and dogs are liquid drugs and pills.

  • With liquid medicine, you can pump the medicine into the syringe, gently pushing the pet’s edge up with your hand to create a small hole. Then, you hold the baby’s head tightly, slowly pump the medicine in, then close the baby’s mouth with your hand, gently stroke the throat to let the medicine drift into the body.
  • With tablets, hold the pet firmly, grasp the upper muzzle, insert your finger into the gap under the canine. Use the thumb and forefinger of the other hand to grasp the pill, with the remaining fingers pushing the lower snout so that the pet’s mouth opens wide enough. Quickly insert the medicine into the pet’s throat and then stroke the baby’s throat to let the medicine go down. Alternatively, you can mix it with rice or crush the medicine to make it easier for your baby to take. (But don’t forget to consult your doctor.)

Tips to keep your pet healthy

It’s not only when you wait for the dog and cat breeds to get sick before you start to worry and take care of them, but it’s best for owners to know the secrets to keeping their pets healthy.

Some notes to follow when raising cats and dogs to make sure they stay healthy include: Give your baby foods that are rich in nutrients. Pay attention not to give the children overnight food, rancid food, etc.

– Take your baby for regular health check-ups

– Cleaning and sanitizing the baby’s place

– Let the baby be active, do not tie the baby in one place

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