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The Scottish fold cat is a medium-sized cat with a round head and large round eyes. This type of cat is known for many outstanding features such as: forward-sloping ears, large round eyes, and coats of different colors and patterns. So do you know how to take care of a cat with ears that is scientifically and accurately? If not, then follow the end of the following article to get specific information!

Salient features of the Scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold cats are usually medium-sized but quite round when this type of cat is in adulthood, it can weigh up to 3-6 kg. Possessing a round and full head with high cheekbones, big round eyes look adorable. Scottish Fold cats have short hair and their coat color is also extremely diverse, so owners can freely choose their favorite coat color.

This type of cat has a very cute and gentle personality, but they are no less mischievous. These fold-eared cats often love to interact with people they are excited to play and lie down to enjoy when being pampered and petted.

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How to take care of a Scottish fold cat daily

Are there any difficulties or obstacles when taking care of a fold-eared cat? This is probably the question many people ask these days. Accordingly, we can catch up on how to take care of a fold-eared cat right here.

  • Brush the cat’s hair

Every pet cat needs to be brushed regularly to get rid of the dirt on the fur. Especially, it is possible to limit the cat lice, cat bugs and help the hair grow in the best way. This type of cat you only need to brush 2-3 times a week. But if the cat has long hair, it needs to be brushed every day.

  • Ear cleaning

Because they have floppy ears, it is extremely important to clean their ears. Accordingly, it is essential to be at least twice a week and you need to have your ears checked regularly. Please clean with a damp cloth moistened with dilute salt water. Especially do not use hard cotton because they are very easy to hurt the cat’s ears.

We can see that how to take care of a Scottish fold cat is simple, nothing is too difficult. Accordingly, you just need to follow the right care with science so that their bodies are developed in the most complete way.

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