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Puppies often do not have the habit of going to the toilet in a fixed place. Therefore, you should think about how to train the dog when deciding to adopt a dog. Then you should start by teaching them to go to the toilet in the right place immediately. This not only ensures to help keep the house clean, but also trains them to be disciplined. Let’s learn more about how to train your pet to go to the toilet in the right place!

1. Study the toilet habits of dogs

Some people who are taking care of pets still mistakenly believe that most dog breeds have the same habit and number of times a day to go to the bathroom. However, this is not entirely correct. Depending on the size of the dog breed, they will have a different frequency of defecation. Smaller breeds will have more bowel movements due to the smaller stomach and bladder size.

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When dogs are under 12 weeks old, they will not be able to control their intestines and bladder completely, so they tend to go to the toilet in the wrong place. When your dog is past 12 weeks old, they will begin to perceive and receive pet training from you.

Dalmatian Ngồi Trên Bề Mặt Trắng

The age of the dog is directly proportional to the ability to refrain from going to the toilet. A 3-month-old dog can fast for up to 3 hours in a row. When dogs are 4 months old or older, they will sleep through the morning and do not have the habit of going to the toilet at night.

In order to learn how to train the dog, the owner should observe and realize when it is time to go to the toilet, dogs often have some of the following symptoms:

  • Dog sniffing on the floor
  • Dogs scratch their nails on the floor or objects in the house
  • Dog running around you
  • The dog let out a purr and looked towards the door
  • Dog squatting

2. Prepare the right cage

The right place for your dog to go to the toilet becomes even more important when you take care of your pet in the house. Dogs are similar to many other pet breeds, they do not like to go to the toilet near where they sleep and eat. To potty train your dog in the right place, you need a properly sized cage.

The cage is an important device in the pet training process. How to train the dog to be toilet cannot miss the suitable cage. It helps pets learn to control toileting and feel safe. Dogs recognize the cage as home and cannot defecate inside. When you need to take your dog to the vet or travel, the cage will help prevent the dog from defecating in the wrong place.

To make your dog feel more comfortable in the cage, you should put some toys or a soft mattress in it. Some dogs will quickly adapt to being in the lap, while others will take a short time to get used to it gradually.


  • Determine the location of the dog’s toilet

You need to prepare a fixed toilet position for the dog. It can be in the garden, balcony, backyard or in the extra toilet. Limit the constant change of toilet positions to avoid difficult situations for them to form a habit.

  • Use slogans to train pets

When taking care of small pets like dogs, you need to pay attention to the times and signs that they are in need of the toilet. You immediately bring the dog to the pre-selected location. At the same time, you need to use a catchphrase to announce that they are free to go to the toilet at that location. The catchphrase could be go now, hurry up…

However, throughout the process of training your pet, you need to pay attention to only using a single catchphrase. In case there are many people training together, it is also necessary to agree on a common slogan.

  • Reward your dog when he does the right thing

Don’t forget to reward your dog when they follow the training process with a cake or head-holding and petting actions. You need to reward within 5 seconds after the dog goes to the toilet in the right place, because any longer they won’t know what you’re rewarding for.

  • Limit scolding or hitting the dog when they go to the toilet in the wrong place

If you yell at your dog when he goes to the bathroom in the wrong place, he will mistakenly think that going to the toilet is wrong and become afraid. In the lead up to subsequent visits to the bathroom, they tend to hide their “results” making cleaning difficult. Instead, clap your hands and say “no way” to make them more aware.

4. Make a timetable for meals

One of the factors that directly affects the dog’s toilet training process is the timetable at each meal. If you feed them comfortably throughout the day by placing food at a fixed place continuously, it will not be possible to form a habit of going to the toilet on time.

Instead, to keep your pet clean, you should set up fixed feeding times. For example morning and afternoon. Dogs usually go to the toilet 20 minutes after a meal. So, take the dog for a walk after eating for 15-20 minutes to help the pet’s digestive system work more and stimulate them to go to the toilet on time.

How to train your dog to go to the toilet in the right place is extremely simple if you have the patience. For cat, maybe this issue will seldom happen but also need taking account. If you have another cute cat and have troubles with this, you can refer this article and solve it.

You can also refer some guidelines from the course of teaching your dog to potty in the correct place.

Choose for yourself an ideal loyal friend to relieve stress after hard days!

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