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Dogs are called man’s best friends, and they are loved by all. There are tons of different breeds to choose from, which are all very loving and affectionate, and all will best suit your needs as an owner. The advantage of choosing a different breed is that they each have their own distinct characteristics, which are all very enjoyable. For example, you can choose a dog that is a bit more active and responds well to training and discipline, and you will have a pet that is most enjoyable to own.

Choosing the right dog breed is very important, so consider the following points in that direction.

Firstly you should give careful thought to the size of your house and whether you have enough space in your home for a dog to be comfortable. You will want to make sure that a small miniature dog would be the right choice for a house confined to a small area that provides plenty of protection from the elements.

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Your family members and friends are a very important part of your dog’s existence, and it is only right that they are also consulted before you decide on the dog that you are going to allow in your family. Everyone in the family will want to have a say in what type of dog you choose, so you will want to listen to all their suggestions and eliminate any that do not seem to be fitting to your home or personal lifestyle.

You should have a medical check done for your dog, no matter what breed, and this can be done at a regular check-up with your vet. You must have all of your dog’s vaccinations updated, and you must have an operation at least once every year.

You will want to be very strict about whether you allow your dog to enter your home with anyone. The fact is that you are going to be training your dog to be very well behaved, and a stranger would not believe the chaos that it will enter into. You need to remind yourself and everyone else in the household that there is absolutely no reason to be nervous and that everything will be fine.

You should be using the commands you will use with your dog from the very beginning, and you should be realistic in this – you are going to make a mistake now, and you will need to address this mistake straight away.

Puppies cannot hold their bladders for very long, and if you are going to want to try this, you need to make sure that you are not going to get a spend colder in the Long Winter; you might have to offer to buy your pet a coat where he or she can hang it on the line out all day and also when its time to bring it back in. You should have a kennel so that it can sleep in, and it will help that the pup will not want to sleep on the bare floor and will instead rest in the warm kennel.

You should be prepared to give your dog lots of attention and to provide good care and training. To reduce the stress of the holidays, you should start planning for the New Year and your dog early so that you have some new coming attractions. At Christmas, you should take time out to do a little extra with your dog and give special attention to making your dog understand that there will be a lot of changes around.

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