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Taking care of a kitten is like taking care of a child. Accordingly, lotuses also need to have their own methods and secrets of rearing. But to get the correct and effective way to take care of kittens is something not everyone can grasp. Accordingly, to understand how to properly care for kittens in each stage, read and follow the following article!

Caring for a newborn kitten

How to take care of a newborn kitten will be difficult because Kitty’s body is still small and needs special attention. Accordingly, kitten food is the main source of nutrition. Therefore, you need to pay attention when taking care of such as:

2 month old kitten food: what to eat and what not to eat
  • Keep your kitten warm 24/7 with a towel or a heater
  • Add calcium for cats to milk and feed the cat this dose you can customize according to the condition of the kitty.
  • You can give kittens pasteurized milk and the dosage is 3-4 times a day and there is an even interval between meals.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe your cat’s toilet every day.

Caring for a 1-month-old kitten

How to take care of a 1-month-old kitten that can walk easily and take care of it more easily. Accordingly, the care of kittens at this stage you also pay special attention to:

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  • Give your cat milk mixed with calcium and this amount of calcium will be 1/8 – 1/6 tablets/day. Depending on the condition of the ghost cat can be divided equally.
  • Teach your kitten to eat other foods to gradually eliminate milk. To do this, mix the food thoroughly and feed it to your cat between two milk drinks. In which you also need to note that cats should not eat foods with a lot of bones.
  • Use specialized shampoos to clean your cat in a better way. It is recommended to bathe the cat with warm water to treat tick diseases.

Caring for kittens from 2 to 6 months old

During this period, kittens have more visible skin and in the growing stage, the care also changes. Detail:

  • You should wean gradually and replace it with rice with nutritious meats.
  • Maintain a steady amount of calcium in your cat’s diet
  • You should feed the cat seeds and mix them with milk so that the kitty gets used to it.
  • Vaccination, deworming, … according to the doctor’s advice

Cats are our pet animals and are also our familiar companions. Cats are incredibly cute and playful animals that will bring you much joy every day. To be able to take care of your cat in the best way, use genuine, quality cat food and accessories.

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