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How to train a puppy is probably the most important stage in their life. When you first adopt a dog, train it right away to make sure your living habits stick to the old rules. With the right lessons, they will have the right way of life and activities. Cat and Dog Pet Shop will share with you some ways to train your dog from a young age at home. We invite you to follow along.

Principles when training dogs from a young age

Dog habitats are very diverse, especially when you’ve just got a puppy. As soon as you adopt, you should think about how to train the puppy to adapt to the new environment quickly. Usually when a new dog is adopted, it will not be possible to avoid stress, a sign of fear. Therefore, to improve this situation, you should have a way to take care and train every day to create a small safe nest.

Besides, how to train a dog from a young age you need to be patient and properly follow the following principles:

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  • Name your dog as soon as you adopt it
  • Awarding and punishing deservedly when the assigned tasks are performed
  • Control play time, training

How to train a dog from a young age at home is simple

Raising a dog from a young age requires an extremely meticulous and loving caretaker. To train a good uncle, you should refer to the following way:

Teach how to go to the toilet

Step 1: Determine the toilet area for puppies before raising them

Step 2: Create a feeding schedule for your dog

Step 3: Once you have a meal schedule, you start planning to go to the toilet for the puppy. Normally, every 2-3 hours, children will go to the toilet once. So you should pay attention to the time to train the dog to go into the right place.

Teach basic commands

How to train a dog from a young age by basic commands such as standing, sitting, lying, … is extremely important. Time to train them should be done as soon as possible. That makes it easier to teach. The bigger the dog, the harder it is to train.

Teach to sleep in the right place

Any animal needs time to rest. Therefore, if you take care of a puppy from a young age, you need to show them where to sleep. Do not lie in other loose nests in the house.

Sharing about how to train a dog from a young age here will surely bring you a lot of experience. Be patient to teach your pet every day. Thus, the dog’s personality will become obedient.

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