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Dry food for 2 months puppies needs to be selected appropriately to both ensure nutrition and help dogs eat more deliciously. Ensuring adequate nutrition during this time will help keep your four-legged friend’s growth and health stable until adulthood. In the previous article, Azpet shared her experience of choosing dry food for 1-month-old puppies, in this article we will reveal the notes when choosing a diet for 2-month-old puppies, please refer!

For 2-month-old puppies, the diet will be different from that of adult dogs because new foods besides breast milk will partly directly affect the health as well as the digestive system and development of the dog. puppies. Here is the most standard 2-month-old puppy menu you can refer to.

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  • For 2-month-old puppies, when choosing dry food, you must ensure that they have adequate nutrients and vitamins from natural foods and energy such as protein, fat, starch, and minerals. …
  • The eating time of the 2-month-old dog must be divided equally during the day so that it is reasonable, feeding about 3-4 meals a day, only feeding when it is almost full, then stop.
  • After a meal, the puppy should be allowed to run freely and clean to digest all the food. Diet for 2-month-old puppies includes: minced meat, rice flour, cornmeal, or the viscera of cattle.
  • It is necessary to limit feeding pork because this type of food will be very difficult to digest.
  • Duck eggs are one of the foods you can supplement for 2-month-old dogs because they contain a lot of Protein, Calcium and Vitamin E minerals, which are very good for dogs with beautiful coats. When using this food, you must train your dog to eat reasonably from a young age, about 1 egg a week for dogs from 2 to 4 months old.

What kind of food is suitable for 2 month old puppies?

For your 2-month-old puppies to be healthy and agile, nutrition plays an important role. Therefore, their diet must always be full of nutrients for comprehensive development, therefore, you should supplement them with foods that are full of the following ingredients:

  • Starch: Porridge and rice are two types of food containing quite high starch content. For 2-month-old dogs, you can cook porridge and rice yourself and then mix it with other foods to help the dogs eat better.
  • Protein: The addition of foods rich in protein will help your dogs grow faster and healthier. Protein-rich foods that you can mention are duck, chicken, milk, eggs.
  • Fat: When cooking for puppies, you can add cooking oil to increase fat in the puppy’s diet. Milk and eggs are two foods that you can choose because they are extremely rich in fat.

  • Vitamins and minerals: Fresh fruits and vegetables are the foods in 2 month old puppy dry food, they provide essential vitamins and minerals to help increase resistance for puppies very well.

  • Calcium: Do not forget to add calcium-rich foods such as bones, fish cartilage, shrimp, crabs… to keep the bones of the puppies strong and healthy. Particularly for large bones, you should grind them very well to make it easier for dogs to eat without harming the digestive system.

  • Water: A note for you is to give your puppy a drink before going to bed, after waking up, after exercising and after eating. Providing enough water will partly help the excretory system of the puppies work effectively, and at the same time can eliminate toxins from the body.

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