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There are many causes of dog tremors, the most common of which are physical and psychological reasons. Your dog’s shivering can be just a normal symptom or a sign of a medical condition in your dog. In the content of the following article, we will provide a number of causes for tremors.

Physical causes of dogs trembling

Hypoglycemia: One of the causes of a dog’s tremors is hypoglycemia or dropsy. This cause is common in small breeds, because the dog’s low body weight makes it difficult to maintain a stable blood sugar level. In the case of dogs being starved for many days can lead to shivering.

Cold temperatures: Just like humans, dogs can suffer from shivering due to low temperatures, too cold weather. To avoid this situation, you should give your dog more warm clothes, limit them to go outdoors, provide enough nutrition and warm bedding for your dog.Help your anxious or fearful dog gain confidence | Animal Humane Society

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Medication side effects: Some veterinary medications have side effects that can cause your dog to shiver after an injection. For this condition, you should consult with your veterinarian for the best treatment and treatment.

Fever and hypothermia: When your dog is sick, a low body temperature can make them shiver. To treat this condition, you should give your dog fever-reducing medicine and keep the body warm.

Arthritis: Dogs with arthritis, especially the knees, often experience tremors.

Shaker syndrome: Dogs with Shaker’s disease often present with tremors and neurological problems.

Aging: Older dogs often experience deterioration in bodily functions, leading to tremors or weakness.

Psychological causes of dogs trembling

  • Stimulation: When dogs feel extremely happy or excited, their bodies will tremble or manifest in different ways.
  • Anxiety or fear: In case the dog is scared, worried about something, the dog may tremble.

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.To overcome this situation, you can buy clothes and bedding for dogs in the winter as well as use medicinal products to prevent illness and fever in dogs. Hope this article has brought useful information to you and your friends.

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