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You just welcomed a new member who is a very cute puppy. But also struggling with familiarization and care. So, please refer to this article of Caringforpet to get more experience in raising dogs.

Simple experience of preparing a dog for newbies

  • Health check

You should take your dog to the veterinarian for a thorough examination and advice on how to care for the dog. You can also ask your doctor for a medical record if you don’t have one for easy follow-up.

  • Prepare a place for the dog

According to the experience of many people, the accommodation needs to meet cool and warm conditions. Do not let the dog lie in a humid place or in a windy place. Because of this, the dog is very likely to catch a cold and cough.

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  • Bathing the dog

When you just bought a dog, you should not bathe your dog with water right away. If the dog is smelly, you can take a dry bath. Because puppies are prone to pneumonia and dangerous infectious diseases. Gently caress your puppy so he can rest in your arms.

Pay attention to your pet’s nutrition

  • Feed your dog with enough nutrients and nutrients

Experience in raising dogs needs to be noted that you should feed your pet with enough nutrients and nutrients. Do not let the dog get hungry or too full, causing the stomach to be affected. Especially if it is a puppy, it will eat as much as it can. So, balance your meals properly. Encourage your dog to eat dry food to avoid colic.

For each stage of development, there will be different care regimens. You should add the necessary nutritional powder. Do not abuse drugs or synthetic foods. Especially do not feed dogs with pig’s liver and lungs because the liver contains many toxins. The best way in the experience of raising a dog for a newbie is to give the dog meatloaf or fat-free meat porridge.

Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về Ăn, chó, động vật có vú

Medical care for puppies

For dogs under 6 months of age, you should use dewormers. After that, the dog will be bleached once a month to avoid bacterial infection. For dogs over 6 months old, you should deworm every 3-4 months to ensure safety for health.

The dog’s place should be cleaned daily. Make sure the area where the dog is raised is not drafty or wet. The new clean living environment helps the dog’s development process to be favorable, with less disease.

The experience of raising dogs needs to be accumulated every day. Hopefully, these dog-raising experiences will help you when you are new to pet care.

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