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The Persian cat, also known as the Persian cat, is a purebred cat breed originating from Persia (Iran). This cat breed was favored by European aristocrats many centuries ago and was quickly introduced to Vietnam. Persian cats are loved for their aristocratic appearance and lovely face. Persian cats have many types and colors, the most popular of which are the following breeds:

Long-haired Persian cat

The long-haired Persian cat is also known as the traditional Persian cat. This breed has long, fluffy and silky hair that makes the cats look more beautiful and lovely. Normally, long-haired Persian babies with origin and papers will cost from 1000-1500$, with babies bred in EU will have a softer price from 700-1000$.

Shorthair Persian cat

The short-haired Persian cat is also known as the Persian Exotic with popular coat colors such as gray, gold, and silver. Short-haired Persian has a very cute round, flat face with short hair. Short-haired Persian cats imported from Thailand usually cost about 1300$, with cats imported from Europe will cost more than 4000$.

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Himalayan Persian Cat

The Persian Himalayan cat was bred from the Persian cat and the Siamese cat, this cat breed possesses the special eye color of the Siamese cat and the coat from the Persian cat. The coat color of this cat breed is quite diverse, often combining different colors. Persian Himalayan cats with full papers are usually sold with prices ranging from 900$ or more. For undocumented children, the price will be from 200-400$.

Chinchilla cat

Chinchilla cats were bred from purebred Persian cats with native cats in South Africa. Thanks to that, this cat breed has a thick and smooth coat from Persian cats and extremely beautiful emerald green eyes. The price of Chinchilla cats is extremely affordable, only from 270$ for undocumented children, with ordinary cats from 900$.

This cat breed is loved for its beautiful appearance, easy to care for and quite intelligent.

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