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Here are the incredible things that dogs can do so well, they will probably make you jealous.

1. 4-legged rescue warior

Some endemic dogs are trained specifically to rescue drowning people, in which the Newfoundland breed is most trained by strength, docility, especially 4 legs with sticky webbing that help them swim. Amazingly, this is really a great lifeguard when you are in a water accident.

You may not know, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was once saved by a Newfoundland dog when he fell into the sea in 1815. Not only underwater rescues, dogs can also join the police and rescue teams. mountain rescue.

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2. Actors with 4 legs

Although they do not know anything about their mission, there are dogs who have become movie stars. Their acting is even better than their two-legged co-stars.

Ảnh lưu trữ miễn phí về canidae, chân dung chó, chân dung con vật

One of the most famous four-legged actors in the world must mention the dog Uggie in the movie “The Artist”. Once had a bad start when he was rejected twice for adoption because he was too rebellious, but in the end, this dog was fortunate to be adopted by a trainer, who brought him to the Hollywood screen. Uggie passed away at the age of 13, after becoming the first dog to win the Palme d’Or.

3. Live engine

In the old days, when the steam engine was not yet born, long-bodied dogs were used to run wheels that rotated the meat skewers while cooking so that they cooked evenly. This is quite a heavy job, so the dogs who spin the wheel are often divided into shifts and are always rewarded with delicious pieces of cartilage after every hour of work.

4. Culinary expert

In Italy, Lagotto Romagnolo poodles besides their super cute appearance are also exemplary workers and have a keen sense of smell. From a very young age, this dog has been trained to distinguish the taste of trufles, a very valuable mushroom used in cooking.

5. Easy-going tutors

Speaking of which, if you think of the scene of a dog standing on two legs and teaching the alphabet with the sound of “woof woof,” you might be wrong. One thing that seems unbelievable but it is true, is that in a country in the world, dogs are trained to tutor children to learn to read. Their presence will have a beneficial effect on children, because children will confidently read aloud in front of an audience who will never complain or criticize their abilities.

6. Loyal partner of the police

We all know dogs have been policed ​​for a long time, but if you explore their duties at the K-9 unit, you will be amazed. Dogs are trained to control and attack criminals, sniff out drugs and explosives, find clues in fires, and even locate corpses.

Many dog ​​breeds have been trained by the police, but the most popular are still intelligent, brave, and have a good sense of smell, which is why the Becze breed is now the most famous pet dog.

7. Mine detector expert

Like the police, the army also trains dogs to take to the battlefield, using their superior sense of smell to sniff out scattered bullets and explosives.

8. Dedicated psychologist

The world’s first dog and psychologist was Dr Sigmund Freud’s dog Jofi, when trained to do office duties and take care of patients. Freud recognized Jofi’s sedative effect on his patients, even its presence helping him diagnose the disease (Jofi would leave if the patient showed signs of insecurity).

Currently, dogs are also used for psychological treatment in many places. Besides the courts as we know them, they are also present in schools, hospitals, maternity wards, disaster sites, even in universities, where academic pressure is great. They can also help patients with autism or retardation.

They are specially trained for trials in which children are involved. In case someone is too stressed, these dogs will appear to reduce the insecurity of young witnesses, helping children relax, more comfortable. It not only helps the participants, but also makes the testimonies more believable.

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